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Senegal, the Country of Hospitality (Teranga) is one of the most stable and friendliest of West Africa's countries. Dakar is vibrant, with colorful markets, mouthwatering food, a glittering nightlife and energetic music on all streets corners. Its tropical beaches are simply stunning and white and golden sand stretches as far as the eye can see. Senegal has beautiful landscapes, from waterfalls and mountains to deserts and rivers. Wildlife is abundant and our country has one of the largest concentrations of migratory birds in the world. We would be delighted to assist you with destination enquiries.

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Continent Tours DMC: Continent Tours provides creative programs and professional  destination magement services in Senegal. Our experienced, career travel professionals have long-standing relationships with suppliers.

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Travel facts Senegal

Currency CFA Franc
Language French and Wolof
Local time GMT (London) + 0.00hours
Public holidays Public holidays Senegal link
Climate in Senegal Weather in Senegal link
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